#Skincare: 6 Skin Care Tips for A Sultry Summer Glow

When summertime rolls around, we welcome bikinis, poolside cocktails and summer vibes. We envision lounging around the beach with sun-kissed, tanned and salacious skin.

But, how do we achieve this sultry glow?

As temperatures start to warm up, it’s time to consider making adjustments to your skincare routine. We’re not talking about a complete overhaul – just a few simple details to get summer-ready skin.

1. Shed the Layers

Just like you wouldn’t wear winter clothes in the summer, you may want to consider changing up your skincare products. As your clothes get lighter, so should your skincare. If you are using a cream, consider altering to a light lotion. Another great option is a serum, which is much lighter while still being deeply hydrating.

2. Lather Up Your SPF

It’s no secret the damage from the sun can lead to premature ageing. We always recommend using daily SPF – no excuses. Let’s face it, skipping SPF can have damaging effects on your skin.

There are two kinds of rays you need to pay attention to, UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are typically responsible for the damage that can lead to aging, while UVB rays are the ones that burn. That’s why wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF30-50 is paramount for fighting the signs of ageing.

And let’s not forget about preserving our marine life, consider wearing a reef-friendly toxic-free sunscreen when taking a dip in the ocean.

3. Protect Your Skin from sultry summer

Looking to avoid pigmentation? When it comes to avoiding pigmentation brought on by sun exposure, prevention is vital. The best and most obvious way is to apply sunscreen before heading outside and make sure to re-apply every 2-3 hours. Adding an anti-pigment, such as tyrosinase inhibitor, into your summer skincare routine can also help prevent future production of pigmentation.

Irregular pigmentation gets worse in the summer, no matter how much sun protection you apply. Embrace products loaded with antioxidants that repair damaged skin cells. Over-the-counter ingredients such as Arbutin and Kojic Acid can help counter discolouration and brighten skin.

4. Embrace Antioxidants

Heat and sun can flush water out of your skin. It’s important to supercharge your skin’s hydration by choosing skin products that protect you against environmental damage and encourage collagen production.

This summer, consider a high-grade anti-oxidant serum that can protect your skin and boost collagen. Look for ingredients that contain Vitamin C, amino acids, and probiotics. With enough collagen, your skin will stay plump and hydrated by sealing in moisture.

5. Indulge in a Face Mask

Skin can get even dryer in summer. Sun exposure, heat, chlorine and even your air conditioner can dry out your skin the warmer months. As the heat rises, you may even become dehydrated which can affect your skin’s appearance.

If you want to step up your face mask game, consider an overnight replenishing mask. A simple hydrating face mask can leave your skin feeling cool and rejuvenated. Using a mask can nourish your skin from the inside to help protect and repair low-grade sun damage.

6. Bask in the Glow

To complete your summer glow, indulge in an essence or beauty water. While drinking water is important to keep your skin from drying out, spritzing it with water is also seriously invigorating. Instead of a toner, integrating an essence in your regimen can add extra hydration and give you’re the skin a healthy burst of freshness it deserves.