Why the Future of Beauty is Vegan



Fun fact: Hakko Skincare keeps both animals and your skin safe and happy.

Not-so-fun fact: There are still so many brands out there who are harming animals, and consequently harming your skin.

Accessible skincare has been booming since the 1900s, with thousands of brands paving the way to make beautiful skin available to everyone. A century later, after many trials and tribulations, people have started to realise that an amazing skincare routine is not worth the sacrifice when it comes to testing on animals or using animal-derived ingredients.

We don’t need to lecture you on why you shouldn’t support brands that take part in animal cruelty (that’s a no brainer – cruelty means cruelty) – so instead, we’re going to shower you with reasons why you are a superstar by going vegan with your skincare.

Vegan products earn a big high-five from your skin because a lot of animal-derived ingredients can wreak havoc on that precious epidermis of yours, by being highly processed with toxic additives like antibiotics, odour removers and unsafe hormones (yep, that’s your cue to run).

Consequently, non-vegan products are more than what meets the eye. No company would proudly disclose that their products contain parts of pigs or extracts from fish. Instead, these animal-based ingredients can hide under names like carotene, collagen, lipids, balms and hyaluronic acid. And although all of the above do garner benefits, vegan alternatives are clinically proven to work just as hard (if not harder), but with zero harm to animals or the environment. There is an endless list of vegan ingredients, that function as dermatological dreams, eliminating the need for animal-based products entirely.

Vegan-friendly skincare is also eco-friendly skincare, another thing that non-vegan products can’t claim. If we could give the planet a big hug in light of recent environmental disasters, we would. But due to our physical incapability, creating what we like to call eco-fabulous products is the next best thing. By leaving animals out of the question, you as an amazing human, also promote sustainability by boycotting the demolition of land, unnecessary use of water and release of gross emissions that would otherwise go towards farming those poor creatures.

Cruelty-free products have universal benefits, no matter what age, skin type or sized bank account you have. There are no limits to what the power of vegan products can do. Dry skin? Been there. Anti-ageing? Done that. From face masks, to serums, to lotions and eye creams, the future of beauty is vegan because a lot of awesome brands (including ours) have jumped aboard to save your skin, save the animals and save the planet – all while doing the best for your skin, unparalleled in efficiency and results. By avoiding animal testing and animal-derived ingredients, skincare brands like ours get to pack even more miracle-workers into our products so that you can reap the benefits. Your skin absorbs everything you choose to spoil it with, and vegan products are the best thing you could possibly feed it. Talk about bang for your buck!

So, be conscious and be great, and your skin will thank you later.