Tasmanian Seaweed Extract

Undaria Pinnatifida is a brown algae seaweed that is native to Japan and brought to the Tasmanian waters 30 years ago. Undaria seaweed is hand-harvested and collected by professional divers when the plant reaches its peak growth cycle. The undaria spore, mekabu, is separated from the leaves, known as wakame. The fresh wakame leaves are hung immediately to preserve the seaweed and its bioactive compounds.

Why do we use brown seaweed extract in our products? What does it help?

Our Wakame extract A.k.a Brown Seaweed Extract is a high-purity fucoidan extract,  is packed with vitamins and minerals such as fucoidan, humectants, polyphenols, and omega-3 fatty acids, is one of the best plant extracts for skincare. Because the leaves are similar to skin cells, it helps to protect and maintain your skin’s natural balance. It also contains phlorotannins, polyphenolic compounds with anti-inflammatory activity. The extract works by sinking deep into your skin to hydrate and nourish your cells, giving you a healthy glow.

It has undergone extensive in vitro and human clinical testing.


  • Reduced wrinkle depth by 9% and skin roughness by 8%
  • Increased skin elasticity by 17%
  • Improved overall skin appearance by 60% in just 12 weeks
  • Inhibition of collagenase and elastase by up to 99%
  • Protected against free radical producing enzymes and glycation by 50%
  • Increased expression of the SIRT1 anti-ageing protein by 28%


  • Stimulated the innate immune response, boosting defence mechanisms by up to 387%
  • Reduced redness by up to 45% following UV exposure
  • Protection from viruses, including multiple strains of herpes simplex virus


  • Increased moisture retention by up to 30% following UV exposure
  • Activation of key restorative genes within the skin following UV damage
  • Soothed skin by inhibiting myeloperoxidase by up to 99%

Stimulates Collagen Production

Fucoidan is known as the secret to longevity in Japan. It is a bioactive carbohydrate that occurs naturally in brown seaweed. It works to stimulate collagen production and increase your skin’s elasticity by suppressing the immune system to help fight against infections.

Reduces Wrinkle

Seaweed extract inhibits enzymes that lead to wrinkles and reduce skin elasticity. It works by inhibiting glucose and activity of radical producing enzymes resulting in increased skin elasticity and firmness. It protects the building blocks of your skin, helping to maintain youthfulness and reduce the effects of aging.

Hydrates and Soothes

Seaweed is packed full of humectants. Natural humectants work by pulling moisture from the deeper levels of skin to hydrate the surface. They also work to deliver hydration and nutrients to the deeper levels of your skin. This helps your skin keep itself hydrated on a regular basis.