The Hakko Philosophy

We love skin

We believe that everyone deserves to wake up to barefaced confidence every single day. But we know the path to beautiful skin isn’t always easy, that’s why we created Hakko.

We’re all about skincare that’s gentle but effective. We develop nourishing products by blending traditional ingredients from ancient Japanese skincare rituals with powerful Australian botanicals. Nothing is added unless it has proven efficacy and promises zero irritation. That’s just common sense!

Sake for your skin

In Japan, sake brewers are famed for their youthful, wrinkle-free hands, despite having faces gilded with the lines of age. What’s their secret? The same reason that kombucha is so good for your tummy health: fermentation.

Fermentation is the natural process by which organic ingredients receive a nutritional boost. Complex compounds break down into simple ones, resulting in an all-natural ingredient packed with ceramides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and antioxidants.

So what does this mean for our skin? On the surface, our products boost your skin’s ability to rejuvenate by repairing and enriching its protective barrier. Deep down, those mini molecules impart moisture, firm and protect your skin from stressors and toxins. Hello, young and healthy complexion!

Focus on what skin needs

We don’t claim to be an “all-natural” skincare brand. We believe that the efficacy of our natural key ingredients is enhanced with the use of laboratory proven chemical ingredients. We promise that our products will always be non-allergic and irritation-free.

The beauty of simplicity

Like you, we spent years absorbing conflicting beauty myths, our bed-time skincare routines growing ever longer and more complex.  Eventually, we said, “Enough!” Time to go back to basics. We will always explain how our products work and why. And because no one should have to stay up all night applying balm after balm, our products are easy to use within a quick routine to suit your busy life. We’re all about minimum effort, maximum effect.

Get that eco-glow

We love nature and we know you do too. So that you feel extra amazing about using our products, we’ve made a forever commitment to the environment.


    Fermentation, the technique by which we acquire our key ingredient, is an eco-friendly process.

  • NO B.S.

    We will only use ingredients that cause no harm to the environment or animals. No toxins that may cause allergic reaction, skin irritation, and skin sensitizing.

  • Animals = Friends

    We’re vegan-friendly. We never have and never will never test on animals.

We believe that making effective skincare shouldn’t come at the expense of caring for our planet. We are proud to do both.

Take the first step towards your new skin by browsing our products, or read more cutting-edge skincare secrets over on our blog.